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About Us

Why Instaenergy

At Instaenergy we believe that 'not all solar is the same'. Therefore, we have partnered with world's leading technological companies, providing the most advanced & efficient solar panels and inverters, alongside PV-system design technology and software. As a result, our solar system guarantees the highest energy units production over its life-time vs. other equivalent system, ensuring lowest costs for energy production. With a three-step process of site survey, project design and intallation our approach is simple and trouble free. Post-sales operation & maintenance toolkit and insurance services ensure our system's reliability.

Cost Savings

No power is wasted - any excess electricity is fed into the electric grid through a process called "Net Metering". By net metering. you can sell\export surplus electricity units to Local Distribution Company (DISCO/KE) to receive credit. Your monthly bill will thus only consist of your 'net' electricity units consumption, resulting in savings.


Environmental Concerns

Solar energy is sustainable, renewable and non-polluting. The source? Absolutely free! In the course of 25 years, your new system will reduce your carbon footprint by 30 tonnes of carbon dioxide (equal to planting 50 acres of trees).

Highest efficiency crystalline panels (~20%)
Performance warranty for Panels upto 25 years
All equipment imported directly from Original Manufacturer
Maintenance, Operation & Insurance package for 25 years
Experienced installation team supported by World's leading rooftop installer
Free site & energy needs assessment
Design & Project plan
Hassle-Free installation
Long-term Operations, Maintenance & Insurance
Financing to suit customers need
Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics using easy to access app