Backup In Power Breakdowns

Relief In Power Breakdown

Electricity Generation

Pakistan’s electricity generation has been increasing over the years. The country now has a higher generation capacity than its demand.

However, due to load management, transmission challenges, and mismanagement, the country still faces load shedding. Often heavy rains cause faults in transmission resulting in power blackouts. Whatever the reasons may be, load shedding causes inconvenience for households and businesses.

Switching to Hybrid Solar Systems can help consumers to avoid annoyances that may be caused by load shedding. A hybrid system enables customers to enjoy an uninterrupted supply of electricity all year round.

Instaenergy hybrid system integrates into the residential electrical system and seamlessly converts power from battery reserves to power critical loads such as TVs, ACs, Lights, Fans, security systems, refrigerators, and electronics when utility grid power is unavailable.

The duration of backup depends on the size of your system, usage pattern, and storage capacity of your batteries. For extended power outages, our system integrates with a generator to support critical loads while replenishing battery reserves.

Important Factors to Bear in Mind

Importance of Capacity & Power

Capacity & Power are important factors to bear in mind when choosing a battery for your home solar system. If you require power for key appliances in your home for a longer period, then we recommend opting for a battery that has high capacity and low power.

However, if you need to power the whole house or require a heavy load for a shorter period, you will rather opt for a battery with low capacity but high power.

Battery life & Warranty

A battery’s lifespan is usually measured in either a total number of full cycles or in years. The best of batteries will lose some of their capacity during their life. By taking good operational care performance and life of batteries can be extended. It is important to check and keep a record of battery life and warranties.

Solar Battery Options

Lithium-ion: Longest lifespan, compact, and light compared to the other battery options.

Lead-acid: More economical with shorter lifespan and capacity.