Careers at Instaenergy

Join Us in Our Mission!

We welcome sustainability enthusiasts to join us in our mission to make clean energy accessible to all.
Instaenergy offers a wide array of opportunities for people who want to make a
difference in the world. Read below to learn about life at Instaenergy and how you can become a part of our organization.

Life at Instaenergy
Working to create value!

Life at Instaenergy is based on creating value for customers, staff members, and stakeholders.
We strive to offer an environment where our people learn about new developments in solar energy and the skills required to deliver value to our customers. We encourage critical thinking, creativity, and innovation in our daily activities. We mostly work in small groups striving to find innovative solutions for our customers. Our staff members are encouraged to constantly raise the bar for high performance; challenge themselves and those around them. By taking personal responsibility and making decisions, our employees get to work in an empowering environment.
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Promoting meritocracy &

Constant Growth

Merit remains a core value at Instaenergy. We recruit talent through an open and transparent process, which is based on ability, accomplishments, and personal drive. We recognize and reward employee contribution with an internationally benchmarked performance management system. Equal opportunities are offered to employees, enabling them to identify and excel in
their areas of strength. Structured mentoring programs ensure employee development though out their career with the organization.

Gender Diversity

We are a strong proponent of women empowerment and gender diversity. Despite making up 49% of Pakistan’s overall population, the participation rate for female workers is significantly low at 24%. We encourage women to apply for available positions and become part of our team.
We realize that bright and competent women workers often need to take career breaks and returning to employment is more than often a real challenge. At Instaenergy, we recognize the need to include such talented women back in the workforce. Our special Back 2 Work program
offers flexible job opportunities for women workers who intend to rejoin the workforce.

Employee Wellbeing

The physical and mental well-being of our employees is vital, so we encourage fostering stress- free environment to guarantee workflow efficiencies. Our workplace offers programs, information, and initiatives to promote healthy habits and lifestyle choices.

Current job opportunities

  • Energy Sales Consultant
  • Associate Project Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • Data Manager
  • Logistics Coordinator
  • PV Design Engineer
  • Customer Experience Manager
  • Internships