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Commercial Solutions

We understand that every business is unique, and each solar energy project is unique. At Instaenergy, we pride ourselves on creating custom solar energy solutions that fit the specific needs of your commercial building. The cost of energy keeps going up due to changes in oil prices, exchange rate & generation costs. We offer customized solutions for your commercial operations enabling you to save for your business requirements.

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Backup in Power Breakdown
Reduction in Electricity Bills

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Solar Financing Available from JS Bank
Solar Financing Available from Bank Alfalah

Concessional Bank Financing

At Instaenergy we believe that ‘not all solar is the same’.
In order to promote solar power in the country, the Government of Pakistan has taken a number of initiatives. State Bank Pakistan offers concessional Bank financing to customers installing solar power making it affordable for the masses. This is a win-win situation as the customer does not have to make an upfront investment and their installments are lower than monthly billing!

Instaenergy facilitates its customers to avail concessional financing from leading Banks of Pakistan.

Save Up to 50% Per Month on Your Industry's Energy Bills

Industrial Solutions

Installing a solar power system for meeting the energy needs of factories enables customers to save up to 50% on your electricity bills freeing up their finances for the expansion of their businesses.

Instaenergy provides industrial off-grid solar power solutions starting from 100 kW up to 3 MW.

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Flexible Financing Arrangements

Power Purchase Agreements

We offer our industrial customers the flexibility of entering into a power purchase agreement under which installation of the system is done by us and the customer buys the generated electricity at a pre-agreed rate which is lower than the local utility’s retail rate. The customer benefits as there is no up-front investment, he only pays for units purchased and there is a significant decreased in their energy bills.

Selling to the Grid

Earn Money Through Net Metering!

For additional benefits opt for a net-metering compatible solution. A net-metering compatible solar power system enables you to export surplus energy produced to the grid. If your industry or factory does not have continuous or uniform electricity usage, take
advantage of net metering and export surplus energy to the grid and save energy bills.

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