Driving Policy

Safeguarding of Employees

At Instaenergy (Pvt.) Limited, we are committed to safeguarding all our employees (workers on the field, staff in the office, and remote workers). Safe driving is the responsibility of every driver. Various factors can make driving unsafe for our workers, therefore we have the following driving policy in place.

  • Regular safety checks are made to all our vehicles; cars must have undergone maintenance as per the manufacturer’s manual
  • Driver must ensure the vehicle is safe before using it. Wearing a seat belt is mandatory for our drivers. Helmet is mandatory for motorcycle drivers
  • Drivers must at all times carry a valid driving license with them. Out of date licenses will not be acceptable for a driving job
  • All drivers must attend all training sessions offered by the company to be safe and well equipped
  • All drivers must drive only when completely fit to do so. There will be serious outcomes if they drive under influence of alcohol, drugs, or medication with drowsiness
  • Use of mobile phones while driving is strictly prohibited
  • During COVID, the drivers must adhere to the health and safety policy and comply with it while driving as well. Sanitation rules and following the standard operating procedures guide is compulsory
  • Adherence to the local speed is a must and a legal requirement. The company will not pay any fines imposed by the traffic police if the driver does not comply with the traffic rules
  • Safe journey must be ensured by having rest breaks for longer travel more than 2 hours long
  • Hazardous substances must not be carried by our drivers
  • Weather forecast must be taken into consideration before setting off

All drivers must adhere to all the above-mentioned rules outlined in our driving policy.


Hajra Jaafar

HR and OD Manager

Instaenergy Pvt. Ltd