Gas Shortage: Solutions to combat the gas crisis in winter

Reduction in Gas Bills

Gas shortage & Solar Solutions

Pakistan has always been facing a severe gas shortage/gas crisis, particularly during the peak winter season. This is a fact and we all know it.

Natural gas is a treasure and holds a vital place for Pakistan’s economy. Gas is utilized for a wide range of purposes i.e. cooking, fertilizers manufacturing, fueling vehicles, and electricity production, and contributes to more than half of the country’s total energy consumption.

In short, gas poses to be an answer to the electricity shortfall in Pakistan. On the other hand, domestic gas production is also gradually coming down in a substantial way. With this huge significance and contribution to the economy, we all need to how to deal with this critical issue?
Our relevant authorities have been searching for various possibilities to find some permanent solution for the gas crisis.

Alternative Solutions

There are multiple options available and are under consideration. Among all such alternatives, one of the most sustainable and most feasible proposals is to adopt solar solutions.

Technology and solar power solutions can really prove to be beneficial in this regard. It will not only benefit the household users but also to the commercial users.

Do solar energy systems work in winters?

It is often believed that solar energy systems are useful only in summers, when air conditioners are required to run most of the day, and power usage is high resulting in exorbitant electricity bills.

In winters because air conditioning is not required, installing a solar energy system does not make much sense. This, however, is not true. Solar energy systems are equally useful in winters as they can keep your homes warm.

Switching to more energy-efficient electric options like reversible inverters and electric heaters can help you save on your electricity and gas bills. The use of an electric hob provides you a reliable option to prepare your meals and snack at your convenience without having to worry about gas shortages.

In the last few years, many cities in the country had to go through gas load shedding causing huge difficulties in cooking at home and restaurants. In some cities, there was no gas for more than 20 hours of the day, resulting in discomfort for the people.

Solar induction cookers

Solar induction cookers may tend to be the best choice in this respect. These work just like normal cookers. Solar induction cookers have a coil under the cooking surface. A high-frequency alternating current from solar panels passes through it. The current produces a strong magnetic field to cook the food.

Solar/electric Geysers

Another life-saving appliance in winters is electric or solar geysers. Most of us especially those living in the north of the country realize how important it is to have efficient geysers in the winter months.

With electric geysers, you no longer have to go through the cumbersome process of using matches and turning them off every time there is load shedding. You can instead switch to an electric geyser and use them as per your requirement. These geysers are economical in price and easy to install. Switch them on as and when you require without worrying about the gas shortage.

The government and other gas companies, NEECA, PCRET, and AEDB, etc. are all doing a great effort
to facilitate the process

Affordability and cost-efficiency of going

The solar energy system of your house not only enables you to enjoy a reliable energy supply but also helps you save considerably on your electricity bills.

Due to net metering, in winters when your electricity usage is low, you can sell more units to the grid resulting in indirect cost savings. In the past few years, many Instaenergy customers enjoyed credit bills, especially in winter months.

As you know gas shortage has also been accompanied by a massive increase in gas prices. People in Pakistan were always used to low electricity bills due to local production. Unfortunately, due to misuse of this vital resource which was always in abundant supply, today we face a gas shortage and exorbitant gas prices.

Recently the government of Pakistan announced that there will be a massive gas shortage this winter. So plug into the sun now with Instaenergy and enjoy a reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective electricity supply.



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