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Mono-Crystalline (Mono-PERC) Solar Panel

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Instaenergy has partnered with the leading manufacturers of monocrystalline solar panels with an aim to deliver the highest performance, reliability, and better return-on-investment (ROIs) to our customers. This is all part of Instaenergy commitment to keep up with the latest technology and sustainable energy expertise offering our customers the best-in-class solar power solution at affordable prices.  
Mono-Crystalline (Mono PERC) Solar Panels comprise of the individual solar cells containing a silicon wafer made of a single silicon crystal. A Mono PERC panel usually contains either 60 or 72 solar cells, depending on the size of the panel. Most residential installations use 60-cell Mono PERC panels. 

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Efficiencies up to 22%

Highest Performance Rate

The single crystal of silicon in the Mono PERC panel’s solar cell allows the electrons to flow easily through the cell.

This makes it higher in efficiency as compared to other types of solar panels. Higher efficiency also implies higher power output which makes it an ideal choice for installation. 

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Positive Power Tolerance

Slower Power Degradation

Adaptable to Harsh Environment

PV Module Efficiency

Solar Power Inverter

High-Efficiency Less Power Loss

A solar power system not only needs to have the highest efficiency solar panels but, also, high-efficiency PV inverter. A solar power (PV) inverter with low efficiency can invalidate the effectiveness of a highly efficient solar panel. 

Instaenergy ensures that there is no compromise on the quality of the solar power inverter providing the customer with the best value on their investment.

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