Net Metering for Single-phase Users

Net Metering for Single-phase users!

Good News! Single Phase Users can NOW also avail of the Net-Metering Facility

At Instaenergy, we believe that Not All Solar is the Same!

We aim to provide our customers with the most efficient solar solutions. Going solar is one of the SMARTEST decisions you will ever make! Not only will you be able to generate more energy for your own consumption, but also sell the excess energy back to the grid.

If in any month you sell more units than you have consumed, enjoy a credit bill!

By converting your residential electricity load to renewable energy, you can forget about your exorbitant power bills and invest your finances to fulfill your dreams! You can opt to apply for a Net-metering facility in order to start selling the electricity back to the grid and earn from Net-metering. Now the question arises, what is a Net-Metering Facility?

Net-metering is an electricity policy for the consumers introduced by NEPRA in September 2015. It allows consumers to produce their own energy. Net metering is a billing mechanism by which you can sell any excess power produced to your local distribution company to receive credit. Your monthly bill will thus only consist of your ‘net’ energy use, resulting in cost savings. The good news is, if you are using fewer units than energy generated from your solar system, you can earn money on selling it to your local energy provider (i.e. WAPDA)

While Net-metering is hugely beneficial for the customers in terms of their finances and autonomy, however, it somewhat poses certain limitations to the single-phase users as only 3-phase users could avail of the net metering facility.

The Good News is, in January 2021, NEPRA issued a new guideline after meeting with chairman PSA stating that all main DISCOs will be able to directly install a bi-directional meter upon request. It had come to NEPRA’s notice (through various complaints) that previously if a single-phase user wanted to apply for a net-metering license, the consumer had to apply for a load-extension using a 3-phase connection after which the application of
net metering would be approved. The customers would incur an additional cost of Rs15,000/- which would be a cost of a 3-phase meter.

A bi-directional meter works by measuring energy in two directions; how much energy you consume from the grid, and how much excess energy you export back to the grid. Previously, if someone had a single-phase meter and would want to apply for net-metering facility, they would first have to install a 3-phase meter. They would have to then wait for a bill, then based on that, they would apply for a green meter. This procedure could last till 6-7 months and an additional cost. This would discourage the users to opt for net-metering using an On- grid facility. To avoid this, DISCOs will now be able to install a bi-directional meter upon the extension of the load upon request. When applying for On-Grid Net metering, ensure a few important aspects.

  1. First, get your solar system installed.
  2. It does not matter if you have a single-phase meter or a 3-phase meter.
  3. For On-grid Net-metering, ask our team to apply for a bi-directional meter for you. We will make the application to NEPRA and also guide you through the entire process.
  4. The representatives at NEPRA will check and verify all your paperwork and issue a bi-directional green meter. The M T will take back your single-phase meter and give you a 3-phase meter/bi-directional meter.
  5. The new bi-directional meter would be a 3-phase meter which would give you import readings as well as export readings. All the readings will be recorded in it; solar panel energy generated, import, and export data. The reflection of all these readings will compute in your electric bill.
  6. There is only one condition, they should have an electric line connection that supports a bi-directional or a 3-phase meter.
  7. If in any month you sell more units than you have consumed, sell it back to the grid (WAPDA) and enjoy a credit bill.

The new guideline by NEPRA opens up a HUGE opportunity for all our single-phase meter users. At Instaenergy, we welcome this news. It is our passion to serve our customers and the relaxation in Net-metering terms would certainly help us in achieving our goal.

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