On-Grid & Hybrid
Solar Power System

Why Choose an On-Grid Solar Power Solution?

Earn from Surplus Energy Produced

Before you choose an On-grid Solar Power Solution; ask yourself these two questions:

  • Do you want payback in 4 years’ time and reduced electricity bills for up to 20 years?
  • Do you want to generate power for your home and sell surplus produced electricity to the grid to earn extra tariff benefits?

If so, on-grid solar energy solution is the right choice for you!

Flexibility to run everything at your home

Reliable installation of the system including high quality cabling and protection devices

Saving the environment by reducing carbon emissions

Exporting excess units to the grid

Why Choose a Hybrid Solar Power Solution?

Use Surplus Energy as a Backup in Batteries!

Do you want to have storage capacity for providing you a backup during electricity blackouts?

If yes, then a hybrid solar energy system is a perfect choice for you.

A hybrid solar solution is connected to the grid and has a battery bank to store surplus energy. This allows the owners to use the surplus energy stored in the batteries when the electricity supply is down from the grid.

Switch Automatically to the Battery Storage!

Less Struggle; More Convenience

The hybrid solar energy system switches automatically to the battery storage when the grid is down and vice versa without requiring any human intervention. The hybrid inverters are designed to draw power from the solar panels first and later from the grid.
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