Reduction in Electricity Bills

Going Solar Is One Of The BEST Decisions

At Instaenergy, we believe that Going Solar Is One Of The BEST Decisions you will ever make.

Aren’t we all tired of paying exorbitant prices for electricity bills, sometimes despite load shedding & power-cuts?

Every month, we see an incremental increase in our Electricity Bill. You have been switching off the lights, turning off the fans, invested in reversible inverters, yet the Electric Bill continues to increase till the time you want to All STOP!

We hear YOU! At Instaenergy, we are partnered with leading energy companies like LONGi Solar, Jinko Solar, Canadian Solar, Solice, SCHNEIDER, FAST CABLES & PAKISTAN CABLES to bring you the BEST Quality with the most INNOVATIVE solar panels in the country. Using Solar energy can reduce your electricity bill by half. With subsidized Solar Financing, you can quickly start saving on your electric bills.

Generating power with bulk solar panels

Potential To Produce Solar Energy

Pakistan is abundant in SUN Energy with approximately 300 days per year and more intense months from March to September. Based on research, Pakistan has the annual potential to produce 2.9MW of Solar energy.

As a general principle, if your solar panels are fitted correctly, your system should automatically switch between electricity generated from your solar panels and from the Grid. At Instaenergy, you can choose an On-Grid (electricity grid) Solution or a Hybrid Solar Solution (battery storage).   With On-Grid, you can go for a Net-Metering facility, where if you have produced more energy than you have consumed, you can sell the excess energy back to the Utility Provider (i.e. WAPDA) and get paid for it!

Switching to more energy-efficient electric options like reversible inverters and electric heaters can help you save on your electricity and gas bills.

Book a consultation with our Energy Experts and see how much money you can save on your Electricity Bills.