Reduction in Gas Bills

Reduce Your Gas Bills

Apart from the reduction in your electricity bills, switching to Solar can also significantly Reduce Your Gas Bills. For the last couple of years, Pakistan has been facing a severe gas shortage, particularly during the peak winter season.

Natural gas is a treasure and holds a vital place for Pakistan’s economy.            Gas is utilized for a wide range of purposes i.e. cooking, fertilizer manufacturing, fuel for vehicles, and electricity production. It contributes to more than half of the country’s total energy consumption. Our domestic gas production is also gradually coming down substantially.

In the last few years, many cities in the country had to go through gas load shedding causing huge difficulties in cooking at home and restaurants. In some cities, there was no gas for more than 20 hours of the day, resulting in discomfort for the people.

Reduction in Gas Bills
Reduction in Gas Bills

To combat the gas crisis, there are multiple options available and are under consideration. Among all such alternatives, one of the most sustainable and most feasible proposals is to adopt solar solutions.

A common myth states that the onset of winters stops the solar panels from working efficiently. This is untrue as the temperature does not impact the performance of solar panels. Solar Panels typically just need LIGHT to operate.  Mono-crystalline panels used in our projects have minimal impact inefficiency during the winter months.

At Instaenergy, it is our mission to provide you with the most Efficient Solar Power Solution. We recommend using Solar Induction Cookers & Solar/Electric geysers as efficient and low-cost gas solutions.

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