Facilitating And Promoting Renewable Energy

Alternate Energy Development Board (AEDB) is The Regulatory Body For Facilitating And Promoting Renewable Energy in Pakistan. The Board has been mandated to carry out the following key functions:

  • Implement policies, programs, and projects through the private sector in the field of ARE
  • Assist and facilitate development and generation of ARE to achieve sustainable economic growth
  • Encourage transfer of technology and develop indigenous manufacturing base for ARE Technology
  • Promote the provision of energy services that are based on ARE resources
  • Undertake ARE projects on a commercial scale (AEDB Act 2010)
Backup in power breakdowns

The government of Pakistan has introduced the net metering facility for small power producers who wish to establish their power-producing facility at their premises, offices, hotels, or industries. Net metering facility has been made available to residential, commercial, and industrial customers.


Under net-metering customers can EXPORT or in other words sell power generated through their system to the national grid. The system allows the use of electricity from the grid which is referred to as ÏMPORT units. At the end of the month, import and export units are netted to arrive at the billing amount. If in a given month, the customer-generated more units than they consumed, they would receive a credit bill. Import and Export units are shown on the electricity bill.

Alternative Energy Development Board (Certification) Regulations, 2018


In exercise of the powers conferred by Section 19 of the Alternative Energy Development Board Act, 2010, the Alternative Energy Development Board, finding it expedient to lay down a framework for the safe, secure and quality-assured supply of solar and wind energy generation products and installation and servicing thereof for small industrial, commercial, agricultural and residential installations, is pleased to make the following regulations, namely’-

Industrial Report-AEDB Certified Company

(i) These regulations may be called the Alternative Energy Development Board (Certification) Regulations, 2018

(ii) These regulations shall come into force at once

(iii) These regulations shall apply for all products, projects, and installations of solar and wind power generation facilities of installed capacity of up to one megawatt with or without net metering

(iv) Words and expressions defined in the Act and used in these regulations shall carry the meaning given in the Act