Residential Solutions

Planning to Go Solar?

Choose Instaenergy for Your Home!

Keeping in mind customers’ requirements, Instaenergy designs optimized solar power systems based on energy audits, site, and load assessment of the customers. On completion of projects, our energy experts give consultation to customers on how to take maximum benefit from their system. These steps further reduce the payback period for our customers.

Instaenergy residential systems range from  3kW to 25kW!

In order to ensure the smooth operation of systems, we operate a remote monitoring center where our engineers review system performance and notify customers in case of disruption. Mobile applications are also installed for customers to enable them to monitor the performance of their system.

Instaenergy Pvt. Ltd. - Residential Solar Solutions
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Protect Your Environment by Going Solar

Sustainable Choices; Greener Environment!

Scientists agree that abnormal climatic changes are caused by increased amounts of greenhouse gas emissions. Solar technologies can play a pivotal role to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint up to 100%.

Residential power systems contribute more than 11% of the total greenhouse gas emissions which can be countered by installing renewable energy systems in our homes.

It is time that we not only curb these unpredictable climatic changes but, also, introduce more sustainable and reliable electricity generation systems for our future generations.

Want to Secure Your Finances?

Opt for a Net-Metering Solar Power Solution!

Net-metering is an electricity policy for the consumers introduced by NEPRA in September 2015. It allows consumers to produce their own energy. The excess amount of energy generated can be sold back to the grid.

If in any month you sell more units than you have consumed, enjoy a credit bill!

By converting your residential electricity load to renewable energy you can forget about your exorbitant power bills and invest your finances to fulfil your dreams!

Reduction in Electricity Bills
Solar Financing Available from JS Bank
Solar Financing Available from Bank Alfalah

Concessional Bank Financing

At Instaenergy we believe that ‘Not All Solar is the same’.
In order to promote solar power in the country, the Government of Pakistan has taken a number of initiatives. State Bank Pakistan offers concessional Bank financing to customers installing solar power making it affordable for the masses. This is a win-win situation as the customer does not have to make an upfront investment and their installments are lower than monthly billing!

Instaenergy facilitates its customers to avail concessional financing from leading Banks of Pakistan.

Choosing the Right Size for Your Solar Power System

The size of a solar energy system is dependent on the customer’s preference and site specifications. You can estimate the size of your system by using the monthly usage information given in the table below. Your usage is the number of units consumed each month as shown on your bill. This,
however, is just a broad guideline. Our engineers guide customers on how to optimize their system to achieve maximum efficiency levels. So before making the decision, contact our energy experts.



the Right Size for Your Solar Power System

Designed for families consuming monthly energy of 300-350kW. 

The system supports 1-ton inverter AC, fridge, LCD/LED TV, lights, and fans

Backup Time @90% DoD: 110 min @ 90% Peak Load

Net Metering: Enabled*

Connectivity: WiFi 3G *as per respective DISCO guidelines