Welcome to Instaenergy!


At Instaenergy, we pride ourselves on creating custom solar energy solutions that fit the specific needs of our customers. We work on Micro Solar, Residential, Commercial & Industrial Projects aiming to provide the most reliable & best Levelised Cost of Electricity (LCOE) to our customers. We look forward to working with you to make your energy consumption more efficient.

Three Step Process

Site Survey

an assessment of how to take full advantage of your space to meet your energy needs (free of cost!)

Project Design

we design the ideal set-up for your solar panels to ensure they achieve maximum productivity based on your site evaluation


in collaboration with leading engineering company your solar panels will be installed hassle-free within two weeks.

On Grid

An On-Grid system generates power through the use of solar PV modules and is used alongside power received from the grid in running the load. They are the simplest and most cost-effective system available as they require no battery backups. However, they are only suitable in areas where there is no load-shedding as when the power grid turns off they do as-well.

Off Grid

An Off-Grid solar system is one that is not connected to the grid and hence requires battery storage. The solar power generated is used up throughout the day and any excess power produced is then redirected to the battery bank. The battery then stores the solar power for later use for when the solar system is not working e.g at night or in cloudy weather. This system also requires a back up generator or Gen-set for times during which the battery stored is very low.


Hybrid systems are the perfect blend of On-Grid and Off-Grid . What this means is that the solar power produced is used throughout the day and night and any excess power is then stored in the battery. In case the battery does not provide sufficient power the system then reconnects back to the electricity grid, thus allowing users to have the best of both worlds.