Smart Investment

Switching To Solar, Do Not Consider It A Large Expense.

Invest smart in Solar

If you are thinking of switching to solar, do not consider it a large expense. Think of the massive savings you will incur month after month. Consider this decision as a prudent and secure investment with a payback period ranging from 1- 4 years depending on the size of your system.

Electricity – For Free

The key feature of the hybrid solar energy system is that it is designed to switch automatically to the battery storage when the grid is down and vice versa. It does not require any human intervention.

The hybrid solar power system inverters are designed to draw power from the solar panels first and only under special circumstances, draw energy from the grid.

Farewell to Escalating Electricity Costs

Smart investment into solar technology will protect you from future rises in power costs. From low energy costs to almost no energy costs, you will be protected against potentially massive power bills & cumulative tariffs.

Increase your Property Value

Recent research indicates that the residential and commercial property owners who have adopted solar, have increased the valuation of their property as compared to other homeowners. Solar investment in your home increases the valuation of your property.

 Power cuts are the thing of Past

With hybrid solar power systems, lights are always ON. Power cuts are no longer a source of constant pain. Battery storage enables you to store excess power generated by your system to be used in power breakdowns. If you want to enjoy the luxury of uninterrupted supply, opt for a solar hybrid system.

Be a Climate Change Ambassador

One of the pivotal impacts of going solar is the massive reduction in CO2 emissions, the main cause of climate change. Not only are you generating reliable energy for yourself that saves you money, but you are also endorsing cleaner and greener energy that’s saving the earth.