Why Instaenergy?

Giving Customers Control Over Their Electricity Bills

Reducing energy bills through Net-Metering

Net-Metering is a billing mechanism that allows solar power system owners to earn extra tariff benefits by exporting the surplus energy that they generate back to the grid.
If a home is net-metered, the electricity meter will run backwards providing surplus energy to the grid and crediting the solar power system owner. This implies that the electricity bill will come in negative which means that the grid will have to pay that specific amount to the solar power system owner. This allows you to have greater control over the energy bills with a possibility of reducing it up to 100%.
Backup in power breakdowns

Reduce the Strain on the Electricity Grid

Protecting the Electric Grid

Net-metering allows the strain on the distribution systems (girds) to be reduced. This prevents. losses in long-distance electricity transmission allowing the utilities to manage the peak electricity loads more efficiently Want to support net metering policies in your state? Advocate for solar energy. Your voice counts!

3 Step Process

Here is all you need to know about our process of installing a solar power system in your home:

Free Site Survey

Once you contact Instaenergy for a solar power system; The top-notch team will visit your home for a site survey. During the site survey, you will be briefed about your capacity for instalment, space, energy requirement, and energy audit. The energy audit is a process through which the team would calculate the load efficiency, analyze your energy bills, and brief you about the technologies such as inverters, solar panels, and batteries.

Customized Solar Power Solution

Once you have decided to choose Instaenergy solar energy system for your home; you will be provided with a customized solution, unlike other solar energy system providers who provide standard solutions without taking into account the customer’s energy requirements. The installation process includes solar panels and inverters mounting, cable rooting, and wiring process.


Finally, the signed agreement between you and Instaenergy would be revised post-installation of the Instaenergy solar energy system
Industrial Report-AEDB Certified Company

AEDB Certificate

Instaenergy takes pride to be an AEDB Certified Solar Power System Vendor. Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) is the only representing agency of the Federal Government established in May 2003. Instaenergy aims to contribute to fulfilling AEDB’s objective to facilitate, promote, and encourage the development of Renewable Energy in Pakistan at an accelerated rate. Social ResponsibilityGenerating clean energy