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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Solar Power?2024-01-11T13:05:49+00:00

Solar power is the conversion of light energy emitted by the sun into electricity via the use of photovoltaic cells.

Why Should I Go Solar?2024-01-11T13:06:03+00:00

With solar power you will not only receive a completely uninterrupted supply of electricity and significantly reduce your carbon footprint but save money as well with the use of net metering.

What is Net-Metering and how does it Work?2024-01-11T13:06:46+00:00

By net metering, you can export any excess power produced to WAPDA and receive credit in electricity units. Your monthly bill will thus only consist of your ‘net’ energy use, resulting in cost savings.

Does Solar Power work well in Winters?2024-01-11T13:07:25+00:00

A common myth states that the arrival of winters stops the work of solar panels. However, in reality solar panels actually work exceedingly well during winters as efficiency of the panels increases in lower temperatures.

Do Solar Panels work in Cloudy Weather?2024-01-11T13:11:43+00:00

Solar panels do not stop working in cloudy weather; our solar panels utilize mono-PERC crystalline technology to function exceptionally well in low light and overcast weather. In Pakistan especially you need not worry about cloudy weather as we experience some of the highest levels of solar irradiation in the world, with over 300 sunny days in a year.

How Long do Solar Power Systems Last?2024-01-11T13:15:32+00:00

Our panels have a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 25-year performance warranty. The life of your panels can also be extended past 25 years with regular operations and maintenance services provided by Instaenergy.

Can I get Rid of Load-Shedding with Solar?2024-01-11T13:16:20+00:00

Yes. Instaenergy’s hybrid solar PV systems are designed to do exactly that. They work to provide you with an uninterrupted supply of electricity in case of power shortages.

How Will I Know if Solar is Suitable for my House?2024-01-11T13:17:08+00:00

To get a general idea of whether solar power systems are suitable for your house we offer free site assessment and evaluation services.

How Does Solar Work with UPS and Generators?2024-01-11T13:18:14+00:00

Solar panels work well with UPS and generator systems, however for protection of your UPS/generators we recommend installing additional protection devices.

Can I Ask my Electrician to Install the System?2024-01-11T13:19:10+00:00

We do not recommend asking your electrician to install the system as it must be set up by a professional. We offer installation services in partnership with Transfopower to ensure quality installation and avoid any loss or danger.

What Capacity Solar System should I Install to Make Sure it Carries my Overall Load?2024-01-11T13:20:11+00:00

Your system capacity is based on your annual average consumption of electricity units. Kindly contact our team for further evaluation of your load.

How much Space do I need to Install a Photovoltaic System?2024-01-11T13:20:53+00:00

In bright sunlight, a square foot of photovoltaic panel can produce 10 Watts of electricity. However, taking into account environmental and shading factors, 1 square foot will likely yield around 5 Watts.

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