Net Metering Service

Plug into the Sun!

We work closely with you and relevant authorities to accelerate net metering and other permissions to achieve one of the fastest go online times in the industry ….

What is Net Metering?

At instaenergy, Here is a simplified 466-word explanation of net metering for potential customers:

What is Net Metering?

  • Net metering allows you to generate your own electricity from solar panels or other renewable sources and get compensated for any excess electricity you export back to the grid.
  • It uses a two-way meter to measure both the electricity you use from the grid and any surplus renewable electricity your system generates.
  • You only pay for your net electricity consumption, hence the name.

How Does it Benefit You?

  • Offset your monthly electricity bills: Any surplus solar electricity you export back to the grid is adjusted against your electricity usage directly reducing the amount you pay.
  • Three month rollover: If you produce more than you use in a month, the credit rolls over for up to three billing cycles and is adjusted against future bills.
  • Earn an income: After three months of rollover credits, you get compensated for any remaining surplus solar electricity exported at the net metering tariff rate. Currently this rate is Rs 19.32 per kWh.

Who is Eligible?

To participate in net metering you must:

  • Have a grid connected solar or renewable system from 1kW to 1MW capacity
  • Have a bi-directional (net) meter installed by your distribution company
  • Sign a net metering agreement outlining terms and conditions
  • Meet safety and technical standards set by NEPRA

What is the Application Process?

  • Gather documentation like ID card copies and electricity bills
  • Hire a certified solar installer accredited by AEDB
  • Submit application form and documents to your distribution company
  • Get approval letter and proceed with installation
  • Allow distribution company to inspect system and install meter
  • Sign agreement and get net metering activated

Net metering makes solar electricity systems more feasible and affordable. This is a Government and Distribution Company (DISCOs e.g. FESCO, LESCO etc) managed process with additional processing and fees. While instaenergy makes its best endeavor to follow-up the actual timing of net metering may vary. Contact us today to explore your options or if you have any other questions!