Residential Solar Solutions


Residential Solar Solutions 

Welcome to Residential Solar Solutions with Instaenergy Pvt Ltd. Our commitment to Trust & Reliability ensures you make the best choices for your home’s electricity needs.

Our Technical Experts specialize in crafting customized designs to meet your specific requirements, offering the opportunity to convert your residence into a green home. By choosing us, not only do you contribute to the environment, but you also save yourself from the burdens of energy price hikes and escalating electricity bills.

Explore our Types of Residential Solar Systems tailored to your demand and preferences:

  1. On-Grid Solar System:

    • Connected to the electricity grid, this common and widely used system for homes and businesses allows you to save more money through net-metering and reduces installation and maintenance costs.
  2. Hybrid Solar System:

    • Combining the best of on-grid and off-grid systems, the hybrid solar system ensures cost-effectiveness, security, and expandability. It features a storage unit for surplus electricity, providing a reliable and future-ready solution.
  3. Off-Grid Solar System:

    • Ideal for remote areas, off-grid solar systems operate independently of the utility grid. With high-capacity battery storage and a backup generator, they uphold energy demands, making them suitable for locations without access to the utility grid.

Benefits of Each System:

  • On-Grid: Save money with net-metering, reduce installation and maintenance costs.
  • Hybrid: Cost-effective, secure, expandable, and future-ready.
  • Off-Grid: Can be installed in remote areas, upholds energy demands.

At Instaenergy, we provide On-Grid and Battery Backup Solutions tailored to your energy demand. Our offerings include state-of-the-art technologies, easy-to-claim warranties, aesthetically appealing installations to enhance your residence, and reliable customer support services.

Join us on the journey to a greener and more sustainable home with Residential Solar Solutions from Instaenergy Pvt Ltd. #SolarPower #EnergySolutions

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