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At instaenergy, over the last 5 years we have completed over a 1,000+ successful rooftop installations. We understand that ´all installations are not the same ´and each needs to be tailored to meet the customer and site requirements. We aim to provide a fast seamless experience to customers in their transition to solar and understand our responsibility to deliver quality so that project delivers a lifetime of value to the customers. We therefore the latest international standards, certifications and best practices to ensure we hold ourselves and our suppliers to the highest standards.

Step 1: Detailed Site Evaluation

We know that at the foundation of every successful rooftop project is a detailed site evaluation. We conduct on-site power load and shadow analysis, evaluate optimum panel placement and system customization to meet permitting and output requirements. We also examine the civil structure to confirm site suitability for safety and longevity

Step 2: Design & Engineering

For each site, we do 3D modelling, robust structural engineering,  equipment and structure selection to maximize value for our customers. Our engineering team then creates tailored system designs including exact panel placement and expected power performance. This then feeds into a detailed project plan to ensure fast and seamless execution

Step 3: Quality Installation

With rigorous installer training programs, qualifications, on-site monitoring  and extensive quality assurance testing, we guarantee reliable, efficient solar panel mounting, cabling and connections with the power sources to deliver an instant switch-over to solar from the start.

Step 4: Net Metering & Permissions

From the day we sign the contract with you we launch your application for Net Metering with relevant authorities. We continuously follow-up with them to ensure timely installation with an target time of less than 90 days for most installations. See detailed explanation below

Step 5: Commissioning & Handover

Once the net metering permissions are in place and meter installed we complete the final testing of the system and commission it within 24 hours to ensure you start saving immediately