Our Happy Customers Reviews

I choose to go with instaenergy because I was looking for a team that was professional and trustworthy.

Mr. Asad Zahoor, | Lahore | 5kW

A team of good Professionals with an excellent work ethic. highly recommended ! 

Nasreen Rashid, | Islamabad | 5kW
6 months of using solar system resulted in a big credit bill. Thankyou instaenergy.

Instaenergy had installed solar panels at my residence  They completed the task very quickly and professionally  I am very satisfied with their work.

Jaseem Siddiqui, | Karachi | 15kW

I’m delighted with Instaenergy solar installation at my home. The sales team provided insightful guidance.

Brig Shehzad Saeed, | Islamabad | 10kW

I am very satisfied with the solar system and the after-sale services. highly appreciated.

Shujat Ali Khan, | Islamabad | 5kW

Instaenergy exceeded expectations, delighting with eco-friendly benefits and cost savings.

Adeel Mehmood Alam, | Islamabad | 10kW

Their renewable energy options are not only eco-friendly but also cost effective. Highly recommend.

Mansoor Javed, | Islamabad | 10kW

My experience of installing solar panels by Instaenergy has been remarkable. The services rendered have been professional and cost-effective.

Brig Muhammad Farooq Shaukat, | Karachi | 10kW

I recently had solar panels installed by Instaenergy, and overall, I’m pleased with the results. The installation process was smooth.

Thrilled with the immediate impact on our energy bills after switching to instaenergy.

Manager Comfort Resedensia Mr. Asad, | Islamabad | 25kW
Your team deserve a special mention. They have completed their job.

Adeeb Mirza, | Islamabad | 10kW

I can confidently say that choosing Instaenergy was one of the best.


Shahab Khawaja, | Karachi | 15kW

I can’t say enough positive things about instaenergy. From the initial consultation to the installation of solar panels.


Zuhair Siddiqui, | Karachi | 15kW

Our experience with instaenergy was refreshing. The team’s passion for renewable energy is contagious.