Plug into the Sun!

Leaders in technology offering the latest proven innovations to deliver the most efficient, reliable and best value solutions for our customers …………

Solar Modules

instaenergy was the pioneer in introducing Mono-PERC panels to Pakistan five years ago. We currently work with the top five globally leading solar module makers like Longi, JA, Jinko, Canadian and HT Solar to optimize efficiency, reliability and cost effectiveness to deliver the best value to our customers. All of our panels are sourced from original OEMs and are 100% verifiable* via online and other tools.


instaenergy was a pioneer in introducing the first Growatt inverters in Pakistan. We continue to work with leading manufacturers such as Goodwe, Growatt, Huawei and many others to deliver the most efficient solution for your project. We offer On-Grid, Off-Grid & Hybrid inverters in Single to Three-Phase configurations directly sourced from the OEMs.


instaenergy sources battery solutions from the world´s leading cell manufacturers with proven performance and reliability delivering low conversion losses, high charge cycles, durability and deep discharge capability.

Balance of Plant

instaenergy takes pride in using the best materials and equipment to ensure that the system performs for its full lifetime reliably. We used A-rated cables, circuit breakers, weather resistant steel and aluminum structures.